SpanishGP2015The Circuit de Catalunya – Barcelona is one of those tracks that feature highly throughout the F1 calendar. However, this is no reason not to add spice to the thrill of Formula One season. During pre-testing at Barcelona, there was the fiasco of Fernando Alonso’s weird crash but it seems the race proper on 10th May 2015 had even more drama for Spanish Grand Prix fanatics.


Well, race weekend is already gone but before the next race in Monaco, it is crucial to look back and ponder over what really went down. Nothing is more fantastic than becoming your own F1 pundit; here are some of those lessons you must have observed.

1.       Lewis Hamilton is not Invincible

When he won in Melbourne, everyone argued it was still early to project Hamilton as the obvious title winner of 2015. Well, he won in China and Bahrain despite losing to Vettel at Sepang in Malaysia. Even the greats started noticing but when Rosberg performed perfectly in Spain, things started shaping up differently. After all, it seems like the race is wide open.

2.       Fernando Alonso Blundered Big Time

Forget the boss Eric Boulier’s seemingly convincing arguments and Jenson Button’s smiles because things are not at all rosy in the McLaren-Hondamarriage. Alonso cut a solitary figure when onceagain he could not even finish the race in a car that was supposed to be racing Mercedes and Ferrari.  What’s more, Button suffered throttle-power issues and could not fight for points. Did Alonso blunder by moving from Ferrari? Definitely.

3.       It is Speculation Galore at Mercedes

If Alonso is clearly disappointed at McLaren, Hamilton is definitely unsettled at Mercedes. Since Melbourne and Sepang in Malaysia, the paddock has been awash with speculation about the Briton’s contract.  With Nick Lauda the boss at Mercedes claiming severally that the contract is almost done with no action coming to the fore, the Ferrari connection will continue fanning the paddock gossip mill.


4.       Bottas Coming of Age 

Did Ferrari blunder by not offering Bottas a contract and instead opting for Kimi?  Based on the way he raced at the Spanish GP, it seems the Scuderias will come calling at Bottas’ door at the end of the season. The guy is just too good to be guinea pig at Williams.

5.       Maldonado is Officially “Crashator”

It might not be a laughing matter but it seems the fans that started that funny website regarding Pastor Maldonado’s proclivity for crashing were right on point.  The Lotus driver was once again at it during the Spanish GP. After breaking his wing while overtaking, it was only a matter of time before he retired 20 laps to the finish line.

The drama at GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA PIRELLI 2015 will always provide a learning curve; maybe F1 championship title just got blown open by Rosberg’s win?

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fairmontIf you are a Formula One fan and you have never been to the Monaco Grand Prix, it is obvious you rue this fact. This classic track provides the most thrilling action in the F1 calendar, and besides its glamour makes it a must visit.

Most likely you are planning to fly down come May 21st 2015, and if so, then you need to make your first visit a memorable one. As they say when you go to Rome do what Romans do. If you are to fly down and watch your favourite F1 car then you better do it in style.

Redefining the Essence of Good Living

There are many views you can pay for but the Platinum VIP Terrace provides you with that edge which makes you feel part of the action. If you are to be in a prestigious city then you need to live and watch the action like royalty.

The fact remains that many fans get only a piece of the action, but with your VIP ticket, you get access to an exclusive terrace in one of the main buildings. What is in the package for the price you will pay? Here are just some highlights:

A panoramic view of racing: As a sports fan, you want to get most of the action and from these main buildings, you will get to see the action at Monaco GP including the most crucial parts such as Rascasse corner, Siante devote corner and much more. The memories will be indelible in your lifetime.

Magnificent view of Monaco: If you love a cool breeze, the harbour will provide that and what’s more, you will be able to view all the sights of the old town and of course prestigious yachts nearby. It is a vista you don’t want to miss.

Fine dining: You will enjoy VIP hospitality service including great buffet, open bar, carefully crafted dishes to make your palette crave for more and of course, wines and champagne to complete your afternoon.

Privacy: You can opt to buy VIP tickets as a group and enjoy your banter as you watch the cars race without the noise experienced in the other stands.

Personalized service: Imagine you are flying, and you will appreciate what a VIP terrace ticket will offer you. There are no disruptions or delays when you make your order as there is a hostess serving you throughout.

With a Monaco Grand Prix hospitality ticket, you are close to the cars and pre-race excitement. You will have a clear view of your favourite driver as they prepare to start and what better experience to take back home than this?

You can choose from Joel Robuchon Terrace, Midi terrace, a private trackside yacht, suite viewing at the Fairmont Hotel just to name a few. Go for it, it is worth every penny.

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autodromohermanosrodriguezWhat do you do when you encounter a long lost friend; one who has been gone for over two decades? Of course you will be overwhelmed with joy and you will embrace them warmly to show your affection. Well, The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexico GP is back to the F1 calendar after a 22 year hiatus.

Land of the Greats

Mexico is the land of thrilling action and you can bet even from the history of the original circuit that a lot of exhilarating moments were witnessed here. From Aryton Senna, Prost to Nigel Mansell, the best drivers always tried to prove their might in front of the enthusiastic crowd before the circuit was dropped.

Brief History

Sages argue that you cannot tell where you are going if at all you don’t know where you are coming from. As an ardent Formula 1 buff, there is no better way of appreciating Mexico GP than by learning a bit of its history. Here are some highlights to give you some insight:

  • Early years: The GRAN PREMIO DE MEXICO goes back to 1962 when it was held as a non-championship event at the Magdalena Mixhuca circuit. Jim Clark, the F1 legend, was to win, but signs of safety issues were already appearing with the death of Ricardo Rodriguez a Ferrari reserve driver.
  • Real racing in Mexico: 1963 saw the arrival of F1 proper and Clark again won and in so doing broke a record held previously by another F1 legend Manuel Fangio for the most wins in a season.
  • Drama at Magdalena Mixhuca: In 1964, Graham King, Surtees and Clark proudly arrived in Mexico all with a chance to win the championship. Clark took an early lead but on the final lap his car conked and Dan Gurney took the lead. Ferrari’s Surtees was third behind team mate Bandini, who was ordered to let him pass in order to win the championship.
  • The King of Mexico GP is born, 1967: Clark took his 3rd win in the city to become the most successful driver to date in Mexico GP.
  • Crowd trouble, 1970: Pedro Rodriguez was a darling of the Mexican racing enthusiasts and they wanted to see him in action. A first brother of Ricardo who had tragically died in 1962, he was an icon and the crowd proved too big to control. This heralded the first hiatus of Mexico GP from 1970 to 1986.
  • Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, 1986: After reworking and remodeling the circuit to improve safety and driving, racing started again in 1986. Mansell, Piquet and Senna dominated this later era. However, financial trouble, track issues, Mexico City’s pollution and population pressure saw the circuit leave the calendar once more in 1992.
  • Lotus the dominant car: Lotus is still the dominant car on this track with four constructors’ titles in 1962, 63, 67 and 68.


Now that FIA has approved the track for the 2015 calendar, you can only hope all regulations will be complied with. Just imagine having a weekend of double action at the Austin, US GP and then more race action at the The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez next weekend? The perfect plan for any racing fan!

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