fairmontIf you are a Formula One fan and you have never been to the Monaco Grand Prix, it is obvious you rue this fact. This classic track provides the most thrilling action in the F1 calendar, and besides its glamour makes it a must visit.

Most likely you are planning to fly down come May 21st 2015, and if so, then you need to make your first visit a memorable one. As they say when you go to Rome do what Romans do. If you are to fly down and watch your favourite F1 car then you better do it in style.

Redefining the Essence of Good Living

There are many views you can pay for but the Platinum VIP Terrace provides you with that edge which makes you feel part of the action. If you are to be in a prestigious city then you need to live and watch the action like royalty.

The fact remains that many fans get only a piece of the action, but with your VIP ticket, you get access to an exclusive terrace in one of the main buildings. What is in the package for the price you will pay? Here are just some highlights:

A panoramic view of racing: As a sports fan, you want to get most of the action and from these main buildings, you will get to see the action at Monaco GP including the most crucial parts such as Rascasse corner, Siante devote corner and much more. The memories will be indelible in your lifetime.

Magnificent view of Monaco: If you love a cool breeze, the harbour will provide that and what’s more, you will be able to view all the sights of the old town and of course prestigious yachts nearby. It is a vista you don’t want to miss.

Fine dining: You will enjoy VIP hospitality service including great buffet, open bar, carefully crafted dishes to make your palette crave for more and of course, wines and champagne to complete your afternoon.

Privacy: You can opt to buy VIP tickets as a group and enjoy your banter as you watch the cars race without the noise experienced in the other stands.

Personalized service: Imagine you are flying, and you will appreciate what a VIP terrace ticket will offer you. There are no disruptions or delays when you make your order as there is a hostess serving you throughout.

With a Monaco Grand Prix hospitality ticket, you are close to the cars and pre-race excitement. You will have a clear view of your favourite driver as they prepare to start and what better experience to take back home than this?

You can choose from Joel Robuchon Terrace, Midi terrace, a private trackside yacht, suite viewing at the Fairmont Hotel just to name a few. Go for it, it is worth every penny.

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